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Avocados from Mexico.org it’s a avocado company in charge of cultivation, production, cutting, packaging, purchase, sale, marketing and export of Mexican Hass avocado to different countries in the world.

Our location is in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco and Uruapan, Michoacán. We are characterized by the efficiency of our processes and customer service, the price of avocado, the security of purchase online and the vision to offer our product with world-class standards.


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We are the largest networks of avocado farmers in Mexico to supply worldwide orders.

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Michoacán is a world leader in the production of hass avocado, certified acres with the best quality adhered to the guidelines and export requirements.

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Avocado Export Company specialized in the export of Hass avocado to different parts of the world, USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, China and New Zealand among others.

We fulfill all global export requirements and certifications as well as the optimal care and refrigeration suitable for consumption in the accurate state of the fruit.

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avocado is an exotic fruit, edible around thousands of years. The avocado is an exotic edible fruit born from the American Persea tree, which has been consumed for years. It has its origins in Mesoamerica and were the Aztecs who cultivated it for several years

The word avocado comes from the nahuatl “Ahuacatl”, which refers to a part of the male anatomy "the testicle” perhaps for its resemblance

Avocado properties and benefits

Mexican avocado has an exquisite flavor, a creamy and tender texture that can combine and appreciate its flavor with any food.

Among the main benefits of adding avocado consumption to a diet are: decrease of cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, anti-inflammatory properties, control blood sugar levels, help prevent birth defects, decease the distress risk of strokes, protects against cancer, helps eliminate bad breath and cleanses the intestine, increases nutrient absorption, skin care and anti-aging. In addition, avocado has a high content of fatty acids, helps speed up metabolism, controls blood fat levels and helps you feel satiated.


Mexico is the leading avocado producer in the world. Mexican avocado production is estimated at 2 million tons.

In general, avocado exports have increased due to high international demand and access to new international markets the exports to Canada, Japan and Europe have increase.

The largest export market for Mexico is the US, it consumes between 75% and 80% of total exports, which benefits the entire commercial chain from avocado farmers; avocado exporting companies, quality improvements certifications and the avocado price.

Mexican avocado exported to the Japanese market.

One of the countries with the highest growth in the consumption of Mexican avocado is Japan, data from 2016 show that 68,500 tons of avocado were sent, making Mexico the main supplier of avocado in Japan. The 95% of their purchases come from Mexico.

The Japanese market could be considered an emerging market in the consumption of avocado, little by little what is included in your daily diet with great acceptance.

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